Primitive Graven Image
Celebrating Impending Chaos (CD)

Release/Available Date: 5th April 2010

Label: Envenomation
Catalogue Number:
Price: £10.00


Primitive Graven Image - Celebrating Impending Chaos

UK based black metal band Primitive Graven Image's debut album was released on US label Open Grave Records in 2007 receiving excellent press coverage and response and from the metal community worldwide. Having now played live dates including the UKs largest metal festival Bloodstock in 2009 and Ireland's Winterfest with the likes of Amon Amarth and Skyclad, the band returned with a new album in 2010 taking new influences on board and with a full on metal production courtesy of master of the metal genre Russ Russell, known with his work with Napalm Death and Dimmu Borgir amongst others.

Retaining the bands trademark black metal sound, the new material pushes things a notch with warp speed riffing and full on intensity, pulling in further influences ranging from the epic death metal of Nile to the beautiful misanthropic noise of PGI's fellow countrymen Anaal Nathrakh and The Axis Of Perdition. A subtle dose of 70s progressive rock may just be heard bubbling away in the background whilst chaotic thrash riffs weave in and out of melodious and highly atmospheric black metal.


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