Empyreal Destroyer

empyreal destroyer formed in 2006 by vocalist / bassist Cyclonis Niyil-Ka and guitarist Shadow Venger, with a mission to push the boundaries of extreme metal music. Pulling in influences from outside the metal realms as well as within, the band proceeded to self release 2 Eps - "Chaos Torrent" (2006) and "The Destroyer" (2007), and toured the UK at the end of the year with rhythm guitarist Nordrus and Drummer Rzryx. With play on over 100 radio stations worldwide, the EPs sold out quickly and the band were voted No.1 Unsigned Band and 9th best overall newcomer in Terrorizer magazines end of year readers polls (2007). Shadow Venger and Nordrus decided to leave the band in late 2007.

New rhythm guitarist Khorozun was recruited and the band sought hard for a replacement lead player. As the band turned their focus to writing, a few live dates were played in 2008 including Bloodstock alongside Dimmu Borgir, At the Gates, Opeth, Nightwish, Iced earth and more where the band played a highly memorable and still talked about set to an absolutely packed tent with De Profundis guitarist Shoi Sengupta. Dan Harris played live for shows supporting Hecate Enthroned and Amon Amarth. The band were voted 3rd best Unsigned act by the readers of Terrorizer (2008).

The search for a full time lead guitarist continued into 2009 when the band saw the new addition of guitarist Icaros join in late February and Yɔːgmθ in June. The band's debut 'Daemonik' was due to be released through Envenomation in 2009, however with complications and issues with past and current members, the finished album was never released. The band's last live outing was at Enblackend 2010, performed with ex-Dominion Vocalist Arno Cagna covering Cyclonis' mysterious absence.

Since then new songs which had already been laid down were completed, however have yet to see the light of day. With impossible band member issues, Icaros and Rzryx turned to a new creative outlet Esurient to take care of the more progressive and experimental side of their writing.

An early version of the original album was released online as a free download by original guitarist Shadow Venger, it can currently be found on a number of torrent sites.. you are welcome to go hunting!

To be continued one day....

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