Drum and Bass Metal band Shellshock are set to release their second album 'Born From Decline' through Envenomation in May 2012. The first single from the album "The Maze" is released 4th April, click below to watch the new video.

Shellshock - The Maze Video

Formed in the late '90s, Shellshock set out on a mission to fuse cutting guitars with beats and rhythms from electronic music. They toured the UK constantly in the early 2000's, becoming a staple in the metal scene and playing festivals up and down the country, ignoring the trendy nu-metal movement in favour of their own approach. Song based and catchy, yet with a driving metal mentality as well, the band self released their debut album 'The Laws Of Rebellion' in 2006. Video singles like the somewhat humerous 'Kev' became well known, and the band signed with Grindhouse Records in Japan where they achieved a No.2 placement in the metal charts, selling 2000 copies of their album within the first two weeks. A remix album comprising of no less than 35 remixes by electronic artists was released in 2007.

The later 00's saw a number of line up changes, but Shellshock are back with a vengeance in 2012 with an incredible new album, produced to perfection by Justin Hill of Weller Hill productions (previously of well known UK metal band Sikth).

"If you like your music to push boundaries - and do it with style - this is a must'. -

" infectious collection of edgy, provocative, metal anthems interspersed with a big slab of dark, intelligent, digital beats' - Rock sound (9/10)

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Shellshock - Born From Decline - due in early May.

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